Support staff: Let’s keep the pressure on

Thank you to all support staff for your continued engagement with the union during this difficult year.

Catholic systemic school support staff who participated in the recent IEU survey and filled out the journals are providing invaluable information to the combined working party (see Time to Get Equal P2).

Congratulations to all Catholic systemic support staff on such a strong ‘yes’ vote. This was not without its problems, as many members were not sent ballots due to an administrative error by some dioceses.

The union was made aware of this early enough for the issue to be raised with the dioceses. It is disturbing that these problems should arise during such a significant event.

Negotiations for teacher and support and operational staff enterprise agreements in independent schools are ongoing. AIS and the union are locking horns because there is no centralised pay offer across the sector.

It is vital support staff members in these schools keep informed and engage with their school’s IEU chapter. Let’s keep the pressure on and ensure that there are fair and equitable outcomes in all independent schools.

Always have your say by attending sub branch and chapter meetings. Read Newsmonth and log onto the IEU website for up-to-date information.