Exchange Postcard

Emotional roller coaster

Whilst the global pandemic has had an effect on our teaching exchange in Canada, we refuse to see it as a negative one. We have had many wonderful experiences and made many beautiful friends which we will treasure for a lifetime.

Preparing to come home is a mixed bag of emotions. On the one hand we are excited to get back to our home, family and friends, and on the other hand we will be sad to say goodbye to our friends and community here.

Added to this is the emotional rollercoaster ride that has been built around the restrictions put on Australian travellers returning home and the consequential cancellation of flights and associated expenses and emotional stresses that many Australian families have been having to deal with.

Personally, we are currently safe, employed and supported by our exchange community. We have been actively reaching out to our politicians and staying in contact with our airline. We are adding to our savings to help deal with expenses that will arise if we are unable to get home by the time our exchange contract expires, and we are staying in touch with Helen Gregory from the IEU.

Although at times it is difficult, we feel it is important for all of our sakes that we maintain a positive attitude when contemplating our return home. There are some things we can control and many that we can’t, so we are taking each day as it comes and enjoying what it has to offer. If and when a problem arises, we will deal with it then, not before, and move on. We don’t want to miss any opportunity to enjoy our remaining time here in Canada.

Glenn Corben St Mary’s Catholic Primary School, Orange; On exchange to: Monsignor Michael O’Leary Catholic School Bracebridge, Ontario Canada