IEU keeping close eye on governance changes at Uniting Church schools

The IEU is closely monitoring a change in governance arrangements affecting a number of Uniting Church schools.

Ravenswood, Knox Grammar School, Kinross Wolaroi School, MLC School and Pymble Ladies’ College are affected by the changes, which centre on a change to the ‘employing entity’.

While schools have assured members that “apart from the change in the employment entity, nothing will change”, the union has written to the AIS seeking assurances that this is indeed the case, particularly with respect to leave accruals and continuity of service.

The IEU has also sought assurances that the current multi-enterprise agreements will continue to cover teachers and support staff at these schools after the change.

We have also flagged that we will take steps in the Fair Work Commission to ensure that all future employees at these schools will be covered by the current multi-enterprise agreements.

At publication time, the IEU was awaiting a formal response from the AIS.