This first edition of IE for 2019 publishes a wide range of professional information for teachers and support staff in both schools and early learning centres. The look of our magazine has been refreshed and we welcome your feedback on content and display.

Many readers may have had the pleasure of attending Musica Viva concerts or working with their In Schools program. In Kaleidoscope, Mary Jo Capps talks about her own teachers and mentors as well as her work at the helm of the largest presenter of chamber music in the world. Read how to register your school’s interest with Musica Viva In Schools .

There’s been a lot written about cyberbullying, but here you can read about responding to it and what’s being done by a Queensland taskforce.

Kim Moroney writes about the important role of play in learning. Moroney also offers extensive further reading on this important topic.

Cathy Hickey gives an up to date account of NAPLAN and the need for a comprehensive review. IEUA has commenced an Australia-wide survey to collect teachers’ views on NAPLAN; the results will be rolled into the IEUA’s submission to government.

Our cover story should be unforgettable: ‘A font to remember’ offers breaking news about the way a font, Sans Forgetica, can improve students’ memory and information retention .

Aboriginal and Torres Strait communities are compiling a cache of books to celebrate their culture and many languages through IAD Press. Read about the work of artist and Elder April Campbell Napangardi and the production of picture dictionaries for use in schools and centres.

Did you know that Australia sits in the top 10 happiest countries of the world according to the United Nations World Happiness Report? Finland tops the charts again; the Finnish Ambassador says commitment to “democracy, equality, good education and high quality childcare” helps that country retain a happy society.

In relation to concussion in sport, teachers and support staff now have increased evidence “if in doubt, sit them out”, Sue Osborne reports on the latest findings and recommendations .

Glen Pearsall is well known to many teachers throughout Australia, particularly for his workshops, many of which have been sponsored and coordinated by the IEUA. Read a review of Pearsall’s latest book ‘Fast and Effective Assessment’ .

I commend this publication to you.

John Quessy iemagazine@ieu.asn.au