Thank you for staying strong

Relief at last with the successful ballot for the new Catholic Systemic Schools Enterprise Agreement and associated Workplace Practices Agreements. They have been a long time coming and are the result of hard work and determination on the part of you, the members, with assistance and encouragement by the very important chapter reps, with the support of the IEU organisers.

This positive outcome is only because of the persistence and resolve of every member for several months. This long ongoing dispute has highlighted that we must be vigilant and observant at all times to ensure that we do not lose the hard earned gains of those members who came before us.

The insistence on a disputes clause was a central point of negotiations, however there have been several other accomplishments, including the enforceability of clauses in the workplace agreements, clarification around class sizes, and recognition of overseas service. These are significant achievements.

Throughout this whole long, drawn out process, we are reminded that our employers must at all times be challenged to ensure that as employees we are not disadvantaged because we work in education. As a profession we are applauded on one hand for the importance of our work, but on the other hand ‘controlled’ by powers that lie outside the profession. The Union is also vocal on our behalf in the area of registration and education policy.

Thank you for your steadfastness, thank you for your industrial action, thank you for your determination to ensure that we as teachers and support staff are not disempowered or treated poorly. Stay strong, have a voice, be Union.

Bernadette Baker
Vice President Catholic Systemic Schools