Baby boom at Broulee

Four babies, including a set of twins, have been born to teachers at Carroll College Broulee within four months of each other.

The new mums and bubs gathered at the school recently for a morning tea. Mum Belle Barling and baby Liv from the Humanities Department joined TAS teachers Emma Mullins with her twins Dulcie and Eadie and Emma Kenna with Alexa.

Belle said the school has a lot of parents with young children on staff and runs a family friendly policy.

“On staff development days, the school employs a relief teacher to mind the school age children of staff, as childcare can be a problem when we have to work on the pupil free days,” Barling said.

“The school is very flexible in terms of allowing people to come back into job share positions which fit in with their childcare requirements.

“The school has also been understanding about the need for carer’s leave.”