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Teacher handcuffed, arrested after questioning boss pay

Helen: That’s exactly why we need to continue to stand up, with the IEU, for our rights!

Flora: Amazed at the attitude of the other teachers . . . nobody did anything, didn’t move to support the teacher. I’m sure she was talking about everybody’s concerns. What a shame and what a disgrace.

News of the backpay in Catholic systemic schools

Josh: No way around it – Wagga and Newcastle-Maitland staff wouldn’t be getting this backpay without the amazing efforts of IEU members sticking up for rights and conditions at work with their strikes. Good on you, IEU!

Rob: United we stand together, together as one. Thank you everybody.

Susan: Teachers united, we’ll never be defeated.

JL: Now that’s the best Xmas present ever. Not the money - money’s nice, but it’s money. But the sound of bullies retreating at speed! Priceless.

ACTU Secretary Sally McManus’ Twitter solidarity remark (surely Catholic employers will now listen)

Lauren: I doubt it sadly.

Bronwyn: I am with Lauren, unfortunately justice and fairness don’t rate highly against the almighty dollar

Stephen: My experience of Catholic employers is that they have been VILE.

What a win for teachers and support staff rejecting an employer pushed non Union EA! 87.87 % of the vote was a NO vote.

Glenn: And the CCER will ignore this huge message to continue with a pre determined agenda. Strength comes with unity in a Union.

Tony: Show me the money CCER – it’s ours, you need to pay it!

Mary: The workers united will never be defeated.

Frank: Well done! Fly United

News release: Teachers and support staff in Catholic schools reject employers’ enterprise agreement outright

Damien: Great work IEU! are you listening CCER??

Roberto: That’s good. IEU truly represents the best interest of its members.

Mary-Anne: Well Done. Let’s finish this once and for all stay true to our profession everyone we deserve this. Those of us who have been in teaching for 30 years have fought too hard for our basic rights.

Glenn: 87+%. That is a huge message. I am sure CCER is already planning their next move to get this through.

Danielle: It’s disgraceful that we were held to ransom over our pay rises. Since they’re nearly 12 months overdue, they should pay interest too.

Michael: About time words led to action, more than ever have workers been exploited in general and it’s exciting some balance will come back to workplace relations to protect the most vulnerable of society.

Suzanne: We need to keep the momentum going for the protection of workers’ rights by supporting the ACTU - Change the rules campaign. Well done IEU members and IEU staff. A great result for Lismore diocese 88.39%.

CCER launches blatant attack on the Union

Ben: Pathetic how each diocese copies and pastes the same letter and the various Directors of Schools just change their signature at the bottom of the letter. Don’t students face penalties for copy and pasting?

Helen: I’m pretty sure it’s no! All around the state. Great support for the IEU this week from all dioceses! We’re in this together and we will keep up the good fight!