Phantom Wings Over the North

Author: Desmond O’Connor

Publisher: A&A Book Publishing

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This is the story of adventure and misadventure in one of the most ancient landscapes on earth—the Pilbara province of Western Australia. Twin teenagers Joan and Mark join their prospector uncle Paddy Quinlan and his mate Bluey Smith for a holiday in the outback looking forward to some camping and prospecting. But the group discover much more than just a few small nuggets when they come across a suspicious mobile laboratory run by eastern Europeans. Are they really scouting for mineral deposits? Or are they somehow connected with those mysterious midnight aircraft flying in and out of the Pilbara?

Resisting the Enemy

Author: Lorraine Campbell

Publisher: Palmer Higgs

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Resisting the Enemy follows the story of Valentine de Vaillant, known as Valli, from a 12 year old schoolgirl in Australia to a young woman living in German occupied France.

From the moment Valli joins a resistance group, she engages in a series of clandestine activities that at any moment could lead to arrest by the dreaded Gestapo. When a German army officer is billeted at her grandmother’s villa, Valli’s world is thrown into turmoil.

How can she possibly reconcile her growing attraction to a German – a member of a brutal and oppressive regime – with her life as a French patriot and resistant? Resisting the Enemy is a thrilling story of conflict, danger and passion. A love between enemies that seems impossibly doomed. It moves from the beaches of Australia, to the boulevards of prewar Paris, through the German invasion and the dark years of the Occupation. It is also about music and opera, the enduring bonds of friendship, and one young woman’s fight to resist oppression, no matter what the odds.

Let’s Explore Safari

Publisher: Lonely Planet Kids

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Lonely Planet Kids’ brand new series of sticker activity books, Let’s Explore…, is perfect for any child with a sense of adventure. With fascinating facts, puzzles to solve and pages to colour and complete, little explorers aged five and up will love discovering the amazing environments of our planet.

In Let’s Explore Safari, things are about to get really wild! Join your guides on a jeep safari in Africa, and keep your eyes peeled for some incredible animals. Spot the big five, discover who’s drinking at the waterhole, find out about some true animal superheroes and loads more. An African adventure awaits. Let’s explore! Includes over 250 stickers. Perfect for on the road entertainment. Suitable for children ages 5-8.