Greg Gaul


At the IEU AGM, Cartoonist Greg Gaul (centre) with Gloria Taylor (left) and Liam Griffiths (right)

The IEU took the opportunity to pay tribute to its loyal supporter cartoonist and illustrator Greg Gaul at this year’s AGM, displaying a retrospective of his work.

IEU Officer Peter Bishop said Greg’s work often “cut through the verbiage” with a strong direct message.

Greg has been drawing for the IEU for around 30 years, and the NSW Teachers Federation for 40 years. His clients are mostly unions or social justice organisations.

Greg started his career doing engineering drawings, but it wasn’t long before he moved into cartooning.

As well as unions, he works for the Welfare Rights Centre, the Tenants’ Union of NSW and the Immigration Advice and Rights Centre. He does some engineering drawings for Blue Mountains Council.

“I’ve always believed strongly in unions,” Greg said.

“I see cartoons as the hook, the bookmark that draws the eye and the journalist or the activist does the real work,” Greg said.

He’s also illustrated educational books for McGrath Hill and children’s books for Bay Books and Blake Education. Greg lives in the Blue Mountains.

He has a bachelor’s degree from the University of New England in Archaeology, specialising in Indigenous archaeology in the Blue Mountains (Gundungurra and Darug people).

Greg’s wife Carol worked as a casual public school teacher for about 40 years and stood for election at Blue Mountains Council as an Independent and a Green. They met when they were travelling in Canada, living in Carol’s native England for three years before settling in Australia.

Greg and Carol have three children, a geologist, a cook and teacher.