Pre 2004 teachers:

Will you be accredited?

If you are a pre 2004 teachers who has moved schools or you are concerned that NESA will not have a current email address to contact you regarding your 1 January accreditation, here is the latest advice from NESA.

When can I expect to hear from NESA?

Early December 2017

You will be emailed a letter from NESA

confirming you have been approved for accreditation on 1 January 2018

advising that you will be sent a Welcome Kit with your electronic Teacher Accreditation System (eTAMS)

log in details and other information on 15 January 2018, and

advising that you will receive the invoice for your annual accreditation fee in the last week of January 2018.

Mid January 2018

You will receive a Welcome Kit in the post. The kit includes:

a welcome letter from the CEO, David de Carvalho

your NESA account number

your Proficient Teacher certificate

the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers

a Maintenance journey map, and

information about using your online teacher accreditation account using eTAMS

18 January 2018

You will receive an ‘activate your account’ email. You should log on and check your personal details.

29 January 2018

You will receive an invoice for your annual accreditation fee. Do not attempt to pay until you receive your invoice.

What can I do now?

If you would like to you can give NESA a personal email address. Many teachers use their school email address. But if you change schools, NESA cannot contact you.

Note that hotmail accounts sometimes place emails in a junk mail folder.

How do I give NESA another email address?

You can send an email to . You must include your

additional email address in the subject line

full name

date of birth, and

additional email address.