Consultation and change

Bernadette Baker
Vice President Systemic Schools

What changes do we need to make to enterprise agreements, work practice arrangements in light of these ideas and solutions?

This question is being put to all teachers in systemic schools as a part of the consultation process currently being conducted in Sydney Catholic schools.

Initial feedback from the consultation process has raised significant issues that are common across all schools, however impact upon each work place differently. Solutions are being sought from employees, though we need to be vigilant that the solutions are not going to impact negatively on workloads, class sizes, provision of in and out of classroom support. For example, enrolment growth should not equate with larger classes.

The consultation responses have highlighted that there diverse and major issues in all schools influencing how leadership teams and their teachers address matters and the expectations around those matters. It further highlights that our workplaces are very diverse while at the same time being very similar.

The Accreditation train is coming to you… (pre 2004 teachers). Make sure you acquire your Working With Children Check before the end of the year, check that your colleagues have also done this administrative task because failure to comply will create further problems with the next step in the accreditation process.

The election season for the IEU is upon us. When your ballot arrives in the mail, don’t throw it out – please make an effort to vote and encourage your colleagues to vote. With the vagaries of Australia Post please don’t leave it until the last moment.

Enjoy the last weeks of the term as we head for our well deserved holidays.