Letter to the editor

Former Navitas support staff IEU Rep Daniel Laurence wrote to the IEU on his resignation

With great reluctance I am writing to resign as a Council delegate and an IEU member, effective immediately.

Next week I’m starting a new job at Sydney University; I finished up at Navitas College yesterday.

Thanks to the IEU for your crucial support and advocacy. In particular, thank you to Kendall Warren for your role as really the only person representing so many ELICOS teachers, it’s massively important. And also, I appreciate you putting up with Saeid and myself in endless Navitas EA negotiations!

The IEU is a great Union, and I’ve been proud to be a member (and sometime Rep) at various times since 2008.

Highlights include the strikes this year at Navitas, the negotiating meetings themselves, and the Activist’s Conference this year was also a great experience.

Thanks again, Daniel Laurence