A taste of politics

Canadian exchange teacher Sue Busato was a guest at the IEUA NSW/ACT Branch AGM in October, getting a taste of the political and industrial issues affecting education in Australia.

Sue is on exchange at St Bernard’s Primary School Batehaven. She’s from Guelph in Ontario and on her first visit to Australia.

“It’s been amazing, the area is so beautiful and the staff and community have been so open and lovely.”

Teaching Year 4 in Australia is not that different to teaching in Canada, despite the different curriculum, Sue said.

“Kids are kids. After 20 years teaching, I just wanted to do something different and see how teaching is done in a different part of the world.”

Travelling alone, Sue said her colleagues have supported her all the way.

“There was a bushfire quite near the school and we got sent home early. I didn’t know what to do but some teachers helped me prepare and explained what might happen.”

Sue said issues raised at the AGM were similar to many challenges facing Canadian teachers.