United members staying strong

As I write this report hundreds of members from Catholic systemic schools are taking industrial action in relation to unresolved issues in the work practices agreements.

These issues include the right to arbitration and the protection of members’ right to file access where there have been reportable conduct allegations.

I am confident that these stop work meetings will be well supported by members as the IEU continues to negotiate to achieve a positive outcome and a long awaited pay rise.

It has been a busy start to Term 4 as we settle back into the final 10 weeks of the school year for 2017.

The HSC is over now. I am sure the students will be relieved and look forward to results in December. A huge part of their success must be attributed to the hard working teachers who encourage, support and give them the confidence to believe in themselves to achieve their goals. Congratulations to all teachers and support staff for your dedication and hard work throughout the year.

I take this opportunity to congratulate Simon Goss who was the successful candidate to fill the IEU general executive position. Simon brings to this position a wealth of experience, having been a delegate to Council for many years. He is currently Chapter Rep and President of the Riverina branch. Myself and members of the Executive welcome Simon and we look forward to working with him over the coming year. Thank you to the other candidates who stood for this position.

The IEU Environment Conference was held in Sydney on 20 October and once again was an outstanding success. The special guest speakers, Costa Georgiadis and Kirsty Costa, were absolute hits with the 120 plus participants and the workshops offered lots of new and innovative ideas that can be used in all school settings.

Congratulations to Convenor Gloria Taylor and the committee for the work and planning that went into this successful conference.

The final branch meetings for 2017 are happening now, so make an attempt to attend your branch meeting. You will be very welcome and it’s a great way to connect with members from your area and schools.

If you don't manage this year, make it a priority for 2018 to become a more active member and really become involved with the IEU.

Enjoy Term 4, and keep up the good work.

Chris Wilkinson