NGS Super scholarship winners

To celebrate World Teacher’s Day on 27 October, NGS Super announced the winners of its 2017 NGS Super Scholarship Awards, nurturing the professional development of those in the independent education sector.

Formerly known as the Dedicated to the Dedicated Awards, the awards encourage the professional development of teachers, support staff and management staff of non government schools, while further enhancing the education sector.

Six scholarships have been awarded to NGS Super members to help them undertake a professional development course, project, or study tour of their choice. Winners were determined by NGS Super’s panel of judges, made up of board members and senior management.

The winners of NGS Super’s six $5000 scholarships are:

Teacher category winners

Cynthia Jobe-Parker, teacher, Lakes Grammar (NSW)

Brett Salakis, teacher, MLC School (NSW)

Margaret Jordan, teacher, Abbotsleigh (NSW)

Management category winner

Mark Fielding, Director of Global Programs, St Stephen’s School (WA)

Support staff category winner

Victor Calleja, Library Assistant St Columba College (SA)

Judges choice award

Peter Garside, Teacher, Abbotsleigh (NSW)

Anthony Rodwell-Ball, Chief Executive Officer of NGS Super congratulates this year’s winners for their inspiring vision and commended all applicants on their commitment to bettering not only their careers and their schools, but also the education sector at large.

“Each year, we are amazed by the calibre of outstanding applications we receive from teachers, management and support staff alike; all who are united in their vision to enrich the education sector,” Mr Rodwell-Ball said.

NGS Super will be following its winner’s journeys and helping to further promote their proposed projects and share their individual outcomes.

“It’s wonderful to see the extent to which NGS Super’s scholarships is contributing to the community as a result of the extraordinary outcomes achieved by our winners and the positive effects it has on their lives. We’ve had some great success stories over the past year and look forward to continuing this trend for years to come.

“NGS Super is a strong advocate for those in the education sector and we’re committed to supporting our members and providing opportunities for them to continue their professional development so they can continue creating real change in the sector and wider community,” Mr Rodwell-Ball added.

For information on the award winners and their submissions see