No more excuses

We, as teachers, know that we usually do not see the final outcomes of our hard work. We work in the present for the future: ours, students, families and our colleagues. It seems that we will need to continue to work and protest and demonstrate and campaign for the future of the teaching profession.

We will need to continue to demand better from our employers and the government to match their actions to their rhetoric.

I am constantly impressed by the everyday efforts of teachers across all schools but particularly in Catholic systemic schools. We have a history of achieving so much with so little. Our workload is presumed to be able to take more and more pressure. The cracks are becoming more evident. The campaign to reduce teacher workloads is making some inroads but salaries are stagnant, and we need relief.

We as Catholic systemic teachers, who have for decades worked with diligence for the mission of the church, call upon employers to fulfill their obligation to their employees. No more excuses.

Employers may play deaf . . . but Hear Our Voice.