National Teacher Workforce Action Plan

Workload continues to be a critical problem for teachers in our schools. The National Teacher Workforce Action Plan (NTWAP), released in November 2022 on behalf of all education ministers (federal, state and territory), includes Priority 3, “Keeping the teachers we have”.

Specific objectives include “Reduce unnecessary teacher workload,” “Develop national guidelines to support early career teachers and new school leaders including mentoring and induction,” and “Examine how to support implementation of the national curriculum”.

NTWAP is just one of many reports that acknowledges that something must be done about teacher workload. The IEU is determined that measures to reduce workload are also implemented in the non-government sector. We recognise the commitment of NESA to achieving real change in teacher workload but our employers must play their part.

In this context, the IEU is seeking employer action to implement measures resulting from the May 2023 release of the NESA Fact Sheets on Curriculum – school registration requirements and Curriculum – programming and record keeping as a starting point for school level discussions.

The IEU reprinted the Fact Sheets as a poster in our June and July issues of Newsmonth with explanatory comments, that have been reviewed by NESA. We have also provided the NESA Fact Sheets and poster to employers and discussed their content with groups of principals. See p7.

Please bring your June or July issue of Newsmonth to school to discuss how the Fact Sheets can help achieve real workload reduction. To accompany the poster, the IEU has developed a sample list of activities which might be happening in your school, are not required by NESA and which unnecessarily add to teacher workload.

For sample list and information, see Are you doing too much in the name of compliance? If any of the sample list of activities are happening in your school, members are encouraged to commence a professional discussion with their principal and school leadership team to see if they can reduce unnecessary workload.

IEU organisers can assist at your Chapter meeting in the professional discussion.