Helping IEU Reps help you

IEU Reps’ training is back with a bang. Louise Hughes, President Central West Branch, said, “In today’s ever-changing workplaces, the importance of training has never been greater.

“Training is a foundational step in ensuring that the Rep can fulfill duties with confidence and are made aware of constant changes that warrant action,” Louise said.

“It’s also a viable opportunity to ensure that you are updated with current and valuable information to support the best practices within your role as a Rep.

“Since becoming a Rep for my school, I have attended multiple training days where I have walked away with new-found knowledge that has enabled me to positively share with members.

“I believe that it is crucial to continue undergoing constant training to improve skills and personal attributes as they will further supplement understanding of IEU practices. It strengthens a smoother delivery of concrete information that will support the journey of fellow union members.

“Rep training days also enhance the provision of valued information to assist Reps to positively respond to queries within their fields of employment.

“Creating learning content is the most important element of training, but it can also signify challenge.

“This is purely due to the fast-paced nature of the modern workplace as well as the overall importance of ensuring that the training necessities are fully packed but concise.

“The workshop of scenarios helped to understand and grasp the possible issues that may arise within your school. For example; how would you deal with a support staff member has been asked to work overtime before the upcoming awards night. She is happy to work the hours but no payment has been mentioned and she is not sure how to proceed.

“The recent Reps’ training day that I attended had relevant information that assisted an array of opportunities that instantly connected the interest of the Reps. To top off a wondrous day of training, Reps were presented with a handbook that further supported their role. This proved to be a great asset to the existing Reps and to those that were new to the role.

“I would like to thank Pat Devery for his concise and knowledgeable content that he presented. Secretary Mark Northam was an added bonus on the day with insight into the latest enterprise agreements and his comprehensive understanding of all things that engulf the IEU. The presence of Jackie Groom was also enriching and the sharing of valuable knowledge was a credit to her years of experience.

“I would sincerely encourage all Reps to attend at least one training day as this would provide a deeper awareness to the spontaneous phenomenon that occur within the IEU.”