Briohny Jones

Briohny Jones – Teacher at Our Lady of the Sacred Heart School Waiben, Thursday Island and IEU-QNT Chapter Representative.

Briohny is a Quandamooka person from the Nughie tribe of Moorgumpin (Moreton Island) and the Noonuccal tribe of Minjerribah (North Stradbroke Island) in Queensland. An active IEU-QNT Chapter Representative, Briohny leads union activities such as Labour Day, Chapter meetings and workplace campaigns.

She has developed a strong Chapter at her school, with 90 per cent IEU membership, and holds the trust and respect of all members.

Briohny is working for appropriate recognition of the cultural knowledge, skills and awareness of First Nations employees in Catholic schools.

In 2022, Briohny was awarded the IEU-QNT Thersa Nunn First Nations Member Award for her dedication to unionism.

Here’s what Briohny has to say about the importance of a YES vote:

“The Voice to Parliament has the potential to be a significant step towards empowering First Nations Peoples in my community and across Australia.

“By giving us a voice in decision-making processes and acknowledging our unique status and connection to the land, the Voice to Parliament could help build a more inclusive, just, and equitable society.

“By working together, our union and the Voice to Parliament can contribute to the broader reconciliation process, supporting the healing and understanding of us, as First Nations people, to build a truly inclusive and equitable Australia.

“Supporting a yes vote at the referendum for constitutional reform is important. In doing so, we acknowledge the unique status of our First Nations Peoples and our connection to the land and provide a pathway for healing and understanding.

“Supporting a yes vote is a way for IEU members to align with their values around social justice, reconciliation, representation, and improved outcomes for all Australians.”