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Damned Murder?
Author: Burt Surmon
Publisher: Wakefield Press

Age has not wearied this coterie of bon vivants, gambolling in the rolling hills, vineyards and wineries of the romantic Clare Valley. But the Valley’s dark secrets are revealed when firebrand Milton Manning’s half-undressed body is discovered in the mud by the dam. Accident? Murder? Or simply a weak heart that gave up?

When DI Louis Buckingham and his offsider DS Sally Seymour investigate, they uncover more than they bargained for – and Sally is astounded by tales of what people her mother’s age get up to.

The Flag Book
Publisher: Lonely Planet Kids

Welcome to the amazing world of flags! Did you know that each flag is actually a picture that sends a message to everyone who sees it?

In The Flag Book, Lonely Planet Kids introduces you to the flags of every country in the world, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, and tells you what their design, colours, and images represent, along with lots of other incredible facts.

What’s the only country that doesn’t have a rectangular flag? Why does Hawaii’s state flag feature the UK’s Union Jack in one corner? And what do the 13 stripes of the USA’s ‘star spangled banner’ represent? You’ll find out the answer to all these and much, much more.

The book will then show you the other fascinating ways flags are used throughout the world. Learn the International Code of Flag Symbols to communicate with ships at sea; read about flags used in sports, like Formula 1’s chequered flag; marvel at flags commemorating world records and incredible human achievements; and peer with a microscope at the planet’s smallest flag, which is no wider than a human hair.

But that’s not all! Travel back in time to the golden age of piracy and have your timbers shivered by the bloodthirsty flags of ‘Black Bart’ Roberts and his fellow pirates sailing the Caribbean.

The Daredevil’s Guide to Outer Space
Author: Anna Brett
Publisher: Lonely Planet Books

Five. Four. Three. Two. One. Blast off!

Having survived some of the scariest destinations on Earth in The Daredevil’s Guide to Dangerous Places, Eddie and Junko are off on another epic adventure – this time to outer space.

Join our intergalactic explorers as they travel across our Solar System and beyond. Find out what it’s like to live on the Moon, visit the International Space Station and fly through Saturn’s rings, before you head deeper into space to escape black holes and watch stars explode.

You’ll encounter many dangers on your journey, but your custom high-tech suit and gadget-packed spaceship will protect you – even against extreme temperatures and asteroids!

With real-life photos, out-there illustrations, incredible facts and mind-blowing space stats, The Daredevil’s Guide to Outer Space is an awe-inspiring introduction to the Universe.