Thank you for your service

Despite the advance of the highly transmissible Delta strain of COVID-19, parents and carers – in particular essential workers like nurses, cleaners, doctors and supermarket staff – have been able to continue working thanks to your efforts.

Early learning centres and preschools have remained open every day during this current wave of the pandemic. Ironically, for much of this time you were not classified as essential workers and given priority access to vaccines.

The IEU fought hard for all teachers and educators to be given priority access to vaccination. However, at Bedrock deadline, only those in ‘hotspots’ in Sydney and all of Queensland had priority access to vaccination.

Day after day, you have turned up for work, putting your own families at risk, to provide the best service you can for the children in your care. Wearing a mask all day is a difficult thing when caring for very young children, but you continue without complaint.

We at the IEU would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your selfless and brave service.

We hope you can find five minutes in your day to relax and enjoy this latest edition of Bedrock.

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