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It’s renewal time again. We imagine that, like the rest of us, you’re running towards the finish line of 2021. But don’t forget to let us know if there are changes for you in 2022.

We have emailed all current members a renewal notice for 2022. If you can’t locate it in your inbox please also check your junk mail. If we didn’t have an email address for you or the one we have was rejected, we will post the renewal to your home address in December.

The renewal shows the information we have on record for you. If you are increasing or decreasing your hours, let us know. If there are no changes for 2022 and your payment method is automatic (payroll deductions, automatic credit card, direct debit), you don't need to return the form.

If you have changes to your personal details, workplace or workload, including parental leave or long service leave, or your payment is not automatic (credit or BPAY) you need to return the renewal. Simply click the my-membership-details link in the electronic renewal or return in the reply-paid envelope if you received a renewal via post.

We’ve included a summary of options below that we hope will help you complete the renewal. If you are unsure or need assistance to complete it, please contact our membership staff, we are happy to help.

Call us: 8202 8900 (press 1)

Email us:

2022 renewal options

I would like to pay the annual discount rate in 2022

If your payment method is automatic (automatic credit card/EFT) and set for yearly payments, this rate will be processed automatically on 31 January 2022.

Non-automated payers need to return renewal by 7 February 2022 to attain the discount rate
If your payment method is payroll deductions, you need to advise your payroll office directly to cease the deduction, and return the renewal to us by 7 February 2022 to pay the discount rate.

No changes for 2022 and my payment method is automatic (credit card/EFT/payroll deductions)
Do not return the renewal, your membership will automatically roll over in 2022.

My payment method is not automatic(credit card/BPAY)
Return the renewal or phone IEU Membership on 8202 8900 (press 1) to update.

There are changes to my personal or work details in 2022
Return the renewal or phone IEU Membership on 8202 8900 (press 1) to update.

I did not receive a renewal/I need assistance to complete my renewal
We're here to help. Call us on 8202 8900 (press 1) or email us:

I am going on parental leave in 2022
We offer a discounted rate for parental leave. Return the renewal or call us on 8202 8900 (press 1) to update.

I want to cease my automatic payment in 2022
If you are on automatic payment (automatic credit card, payroll deductions, direct debit from your account) and do not wish to pay via this method in 2022 reply to the renewal or phone 8202 8900 (press 1).

Membership Team: Jody Clifford and Syeda Sultana, phone 8202 8900 (press 1)