Happy World Support Staff Day

Support staff throughout the world celebrate World Support Staff Day on Sunday, 16 May. This was a day for us, and our school communities, to recognise and celebrate the work that each and every one of us contributes to our workplaces

This is a momentous time for school support staff in Catholic schools to gain parity with state schools’ counterparts. Through the work of the Catholic Employment Relations/IEU Support Staff Joint Working Party, we hope to gain recognition of the crucial role we provide to quality education. The mainstay of this push is to receive a just and equitable monetary recognition, which reflects our status, and contribution to quality education.

Read Gaining Ground

I urge all staff to read the IEU enews for support staff, Gaining Ground, which recently landed in your inboxes. It’s invaluable in communicating our agenda. In particular, please go into EI Declaration on the Rights and Status of ESP. It is so worth a read! Scroll down to Declaration on the Rights and Status of Education Support Personnel, which talks eloquently about the role of support staff.

I urge all support staff to celebrate, in whatever way your school deems fit, our day! It’s a Sunday, so pick a day close to it. Celebrate for a day, a week or the whole month, we are worth it! Please take photos and send to newsmonth@ieu.asn.au. Enjoy and celebrate World Support Staff Day!

Recruit any support staff who are not members of the union in your workplace. It is easy! Go to www.ieu.asn.au and follow the prompts. The more support staff members we have, the greater our voice becomes and the more benefits we can gain.