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Country, Kin and Culture

Author: Claire Smith | Publisher: Wakefield Press

When Captain Cook landed on Australian shores he came into contact with one of the most dynamic, culturally rich and socially sophisticated societies that had ever existed. This book documents how one such community drew upon their sense of country, kin and culture to survive the incursions of British colonisation. It outlines their histories from before contact to the present, through protectionism and assimilation, to self-determination and reconciliation. It presents the direct voices of Aboriginal people and government authorities through interviews and archival documents. This is a history not just of colonisation and resistance, but of cultural, social and political survival, even in the present day.

Claire Smith is Professor in Archaeology at Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia. Accompanied by her husband, Gary Jackson, and son, Jimmy Smith, she has worked closely with the Barunga, Manyallaluk and Wugularr communities every year since 1990.

Monster Party

Authors: Alison Lester and Jane Goodwin | Publisher: Magabala Books

Monster Party is an explosion of fun and pure joy. Children will love the hilarious, naughty desert monsters who come out of the ground to have a party on Dora Lake. Eating chips and monster cake, they go ‘galumphing’ all over the place with a drum and a bass! Of all shapes and sizes, these monsters create havoc for the children at Rawa Community School who live on the edge of the Great Sandy Desert – ‘dancing and stomping’, ‘crashing and crunching’, ‘prowling and growling’, ‘happy and smiling’! Jeepers creepers! The monster cut-out illustrations created by the students are delightful. Monster Party will capture the hearts of the very young and the young at heart.

Moonlight Mums

Author and illustrator: Laura Stitzel | Publisher: Puffin Books

Mums can be busy . . . but they’ll always be home to kiss you goodnight!

A heartwarming hug of a bedtime story for every Australian family with a busy mum.

Mums with many things to do
All miss their little ones, like you,
But every night the moon shines bright
And guides them home to say goodnight.