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On Latham’s attack on IEU members

Ruth: His criticisms are highly inappropriate and unprofessional. Perhaps he should familiarise himself with the curriculum before commenting. Or actually talk to a teacher.

Rose: Absolutely disgraceful… and unsupportive, unnecessary, out of context, non progressive and worst of all – divisive. Latham needs a new hobby.

On One Nation’s proposed Education Legislation Amendment (Parental Rights) Bill

Gemma: This bill is disgusting and Mark Latham has it in for the profession of teaching. The fact he had the power to influence changes to professional learning and strip the PTC [Professional Teachers' Council} as a registered PD provider with such short notice in December is representative of the power he currently wields. Let’s hope the rest of the Legislative Council stand up to him and we have more dissenters.

Simon: This Bill is headed by a man who simply has no understanding, respect for, or consideration to, teachers or their students. Little wonder that graduating classes of teachers are dwindling

Sue: Teachers talk to young people about things that matter to them. The classroom is a safe and informed space to listen and talk. Censorship is going to deny students an invaluable forum and make it very easy for employers to sack teachers. What’s next?

Dealing with students vaping at school

Amanda: Our toilets are not shut during lesson times. Students have to go to the school office if they need to go during class.

Cheryl: More should be done to stop vapes at point of sale.

Claire: Very much a problem here in NSW as well.

On the union winning pay rises for early childhood teachers

Michael: Great news! Not enough in my view but we’ll take it as a start!

Christie: Great step in the right direction. But there is still further hearings to be had in the process and further submissions to be made. Hopefully the government heeds the Commissions advice and looks at funding as well.

Gina: Fantastic news. It means a lot for ECT in Long Day Care as we believe children in these services need quality early education opportunities. Fingers crossed we can attract new teachers.

Amy: Great result especially after eight years of fighting! A big thank you to everyone involved!