Out with external opinions

As teachers we are constantly buffeted by the political agenda and it is often the loudest voice that shouts over the top of the education community – teachers, students, parents and schools in general.

Workloads are increasing – as extra is added, nothing is reduced. And during the school holidays we are yet again in lockdown, limiting the opportunity to relieve stress by getting away, if that is your preference.

Workloads are being increased by those looking in from the outside. There has been much discussion in the media recently regarding the teacher shortage across the state. The shortage of casuals puts even more pressure on teachers.

The teacher shortage has been predicted for some years. Our profession has complex and demanding workloads, stagnant wages, complex registration and maintenance, and poor take-up as a course of study. Beginning teachers are unable to secure permanency and often become overwhelmed. These are not new concepts.

Education policy (and implementation) is affected by popular opinion and causes which are not able to take in the complexity and diversity of teaching in modern schools.

The IEU has been proactive in contributing to and driving the agenda in education: at NESA; contributing to discussion regarding curriculum reform; speaking out against Mark Latham’s Parental Rights Bill (see p 4); data collection and use in diverse needs; and being a voice regarding women’s work. We are part of a collective and together we have strength and a voice. Use your chapter and sub branch meetings to share your voice and keep up to date.