A quick round-up of what members are saying on our social media.

Early childhood educators are at risk as we deal with many parents/carers every day at drop-off and pick-up times. We do wear masks, however it’s hard to maintain social distancing during these times. [SLK]

Our teachers and support staff are some of the most vulnerable in our community. They have had to navigate a ship through uncharted waters and in doing so, put themselves at such enormous risk. I applaud the efforts of the IEU to continually advocate for their members and doggedly persist in getting all teaching and support staff vaccinated. [SC]

It is sad that we as educators were mentioned so highly during the height of the pandemic as essential workers and then mentioned again at one stage as “phase 1b” of vaccine plans. And now, unfortunately I’m under 40, so have to continue to wait. I also think we, as profession, should have been thought of by the government sooner. Thanks IEU for working for us! (As clearly others are not.) It is much appreciated! [MT]

This is also a fundamental point for early childhood teachers. Teaching children who often require physical comfort (so social distancing is a challenge), teaching children who are just learning the basics of personal hygiene, and children who are often sent to early childhood services while exhibiting symptoms of cold and flu because their families need to work. None of these situations are ideal, but they are a reality. early childhood teachers have families too, and illness can spread very quickly through some services – yet all the Federal Government has provided is “thanks for your hard work during these trying times”. [PR]

What about the masks in schools? So we return next week and once we enter the magic fences both staff and student masks get removed but we have to use them in public! Ridiculous. [KW]

Now [that Sarah Mitchell is calling for teachers to be vaccinated] she just has to allow teachers a voice in overhauling the syllabus, and shut down Mark Latham. [SG]

How did Mark Latham get to be Chair of the NSW Education Committee? [CF]

Surely a wages cap can’t be justified given the economic position we’re in – how shameful. [GB]

Monica Crouch