Membership news

Renewal of membership

Membership ‘renewals for 2021’ will be emailed to all members in November 2020, if we have no email contact for you, we will post you the renewal form, together with a reply paid envelope.

If you are on an automatic payment (automatic credit card, direct debit, payroll deductions via your employer) and there are no changes in your professional or personal details in 2021, there is no need to return the renewal.

If there are changes to your professional or personal details, or if you pay via a manual payment (manual credit card or Bpay) you will need to return the completed renewal form to the IEU Membership Team by mail in the reply paid envelope provided, or email to .

Post or digital communications

Our newspapers and magazines are now distributed to members in biodegradable, environmentally friendly clear covers.

However, we are receiving a significant number of emails similar to the example below. You do of course have the option of receiving your publications and union communications in digital format only.

Example of email received: "I am a member and am currently receiving mail from you in my post including magazines, newspapers etc. Can you please change my details so that I do not receive printed publications and documents by post? I am trying to be sustainable and environmentally friendly."

If you have decided that you would like to move to digital publications only, please email OPT OUT alongside your membership number or full name to

The Membership Team