IEU Rep Peter Tsambalas

Getting down to business

As a teacher of Economics and Business Studies, IEU Rep Peter Tsambalas is acutely aware of how important industrial legislation is to people’s lives.

It’s no surprise he’s been the IEU rep at Aquinas Catholic College Menai for four years, considering his heightened awareness of the need for legislation to protect workers from employers’ unscrupulous behaviour.

“I see it as a way of protecting everything about education, not just industrial rights,” Peter said.

History behind it

“There’s a lot of history behind the conditions we have but there’s still a lot more that we have to achieve.

“I find it rewarding personally to help people, students and adults. There’s a real sense of achievement from working on social justice issues.”

Peter is looking forward to working closely with support staff at his school to make sure the claim for the new enterprise agreement for Catholic systemic schools provides equitable and realistic conditions.

Protecting members

“Coming to our union’s Council meetings and seeing the amount of work and effort that goes into protecting members and how it raises awareness of important issues for society, such as superannuation, is a great thing.”
Peter said having a chance to meet teachers from regional areas through union networking was a great eye opener.

“IEU is well aware of finding common ground to aid the greater good, rather than niche or targeted staffing areas. It is truly a union of many different groups supportive of each other, in the truest sense of the word union.”