All part of the same team

Margaret Wade and IEU Organiser Lubna Haddad display some IEU merchandise during Lubna’s visit to St Patrick’s Primary School Blacktown to celebrate the achievement of 100% union membership among the teaching staff.

Rep of two years, Margaret said she has always believed in the importance of union membership in her 25 years in Catholic primary education, and it was just a matter of having a chat with the few last remaining members not signed up to achieve her goal.

“We had a few male teachers who were not members and we had a chat about things that can happen in terms of child protection and how it was nice to have the support of an organisation like the IEU behind you, and they decided to join,” Margaret said.

“It wasn’t just me; all the members always invite everyone to our union meetings. It was a nice feeling to know we were all part of the same team.”