Say yes to adventure

Canada has been an amazing adventure for our family. It just takes a bit of courage to say yes to new experiences.

We were so excited when I had my exchange to Canada confirmed in 2018. It was a scorching 42C in Sydney.

We immediately looked on Google maps to see where we would be living. Then we checked the weather in Edmonton and couldn’t imagine how we were going to adapt to -36C. The year flew by with lots of preparations to move the family to Edmonton, Canada for 2019.

We arrived in Edmonton in mid-December 2018 to what the locals called a ‘mild winter’ and immediately got to work having fun in the snow.

Our two boys have been picking up speed down the toboggan hills and learning to ice skate at the local park. The community here have been so welcoming and made us feel at home. There have been pot luck dinners, yoga and volunteer nights at the community centre.

It can be daunting to pick up roots after a long time in a school and begin again in a new school and in a new country. The transition has been much easier than anticipated.

The staff at school have been supportive and helped me navigate the curriculum and school procedures. The public school I have been placed in recognises the professionalism of teachers and has given me autonomy in my classroom teaching grade 11 Biology.

This opportunity has given me the chance to grow professionally and personally. Our children are thriving in their new schools and are experiencing so many new things.

While mid-week is busy with work, we have had many opportunities to travel around Alberta. In February, a weekend away near Banff was organised for all the Australian teachers. It was a weekend filled with activities. We spent the first morning snowshoeing and in the afternoon I was able to drive a dog sled through the forest. The scenery of snow covered mountains made it a spectacular afternoon! The next day, we gained a few blisters learning how to cross country ski. There was also lots of socialising being done.

While many Canadians head to warmer climates for Spring break, we went looking for the cold in the mountains of Jasper National Park. We spotted a few deer and mountain goats on the drive. A few days on the ski slopes and some walks around the picturesque lakes in the area left us a little sore, but it was well worth it. We have been blown away by the beauty of Alberta.

We did adapt to the weather and we are looking forward to summer break with lots of travel. We are having a great time and saying yes to as many opportunities as possible. We have made so many new friends, Canadian and Australian, in our short time here. There are lots more adventures to come this year.

Rebecca Morrice and family from Domremy College Five Dock

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