Being there

IEU Rep Louise Hughes feels honoured to be serving on IEU Council. She started late last year, representing the Central West Branch.

As St Johns College Dubbo teacher/librarian, Louise said the information sharing crucial to be a good Union Rep comes naturally to her.

“Everyone needs to be kept up to date and informed. People need to know stuff to make the best decisions,” Louise said.

“I am a central hub that everyone comes to for information.”

Coming from a family of proactive union members, when Louise started her career she was upset that union voices were not well recognised and accepted by her employer.

Moving to the Bathurst Diocese, she was keen to take up the opportunity to have a voice and has been the school Rep for 12 years.

“Being a good Rep is about being there, being someone people can talk to. I try to establish rapport with people. I have that with our principal, and we can talk things through – it’s not about confrontation.”

She is enjoying the networking at Council and the chance to learn about how other Reps deal with issues at their schools.

“It’s heartening to know others have similar problems, it’s not just your school.”

Louise was encouraged by the recent school students’ rally calling for action on climate change.

“It’s good to see young people stepping up. That’s what everyone needs to do for the Union, and I hope young teachers will be taking that challenge.’