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Examining your values

The IEUA NSW/ACT Branch Support Staff Conference My Values – My Work is a fitting theme in a year when there has been a federal election, Carolyn Moore writes.

The first half of 2019 has been awash with campaigning politicians and pollsters asking the people of Australia to look at what is important to them.

But how do we decide what is important? How are we, as individuals, guided to find what we determine is important. Not only in the politicians we vote for, but in the work we do, the actions we take and the contributions we make.

We are guided and driven by our values

Values are a fundamental part of us – they are our guiding principles. Although ‘values’ can seem abstract and undefined, they influence our thoughts and drive our actions – often unknowingly affecting how we think, feel and behave. They implicitly guide our decisions and influence how we view our world.

Whether we are aware of them or not, everyone has a core set of personal values. It is these core values that influence the judgements we make, our attitudes and actions, as well as having an impact on how we engage with others.

Our values represent our highest priorities and are a deeply held driving force. They determine not only how we vote, but what we buy, the friends we make, the work we do and the organisations we belong to.

The conference will explore these ideas and how they relate to our work as support staff, while allowing participants to reflect on their own values and motivations – both personal and professional. It focuses on how our core personal values impact on the type of work we do and the organisations we work for.

Those attending will have an opportunity to share in the personal journey of keynote speaker Richard Boele, KPMG Partner for Human Rights and Social Impact Services.

Boele has spent most of his life, both professionally and personally, championing the causes of the vulnerable and underrepresented.

To say he is passionate about human rights is something of an understatement. He will speak candidly on his personal experiences and how he has forged a global career that enables him to maintain strong personal integrity through an ongoing commitment to his personal values. And one where he gets to see the impact of these core principles in action every day.

Participants will then work with Kristyn Crossfield on unpacking traditional ideas of leadership and how self leadership is linked to strong values. How by knowing our values we can intentionally let them guide how we think, how we behave and the actions we take.

A selection of smaller group workshops will be offered which build on the earlier sessions. Workshops include, Values for the Common Good, Bringing out Your Inner Superhero, Values in Action and Developing Values for Participation in your Workplace.

The IEUA NSW/ACT Branch Support Staff Advisory Committee presents the eighth Biennial Support Staff Conference My Values – My Work on 13 September in Sydney. Details:

Carolyn Moore is an Industrial Officer for the IEUA NSW/ACT Branch.