Challenges for principals in 2019

Thank you to IEU principal members for their ongoing engagement and support. A warm welcome to principals who are new to the role this year.

Appreciation is expressed to principals for their assistance in ensuring that the IEU’s records are updated in regard to principals’ appointments for 2019.

The Union’s Principals’ Sub Branch AGM will be held at the IEU Parramatta office on 9 February, with further sub branch meetings to be held on 4 May, 3 August and 2 November. Diocesan and/or regional meetings will be scheduled as appropriate and teleconferences can also be arranged.

Congratulations to IEU Principals’ Sub Branch chair Sidonie Coffey for her appointment to a one day per week role in the Maitland-Newcastle Diocese as Principal Mentor (Beginning Principals) and to Robert Peers who will work full time in the Maitland-Newcastle Diocese as Principal Coach – Leadership Support. The IEU wishes them well in these vital roles in supporting principals in their leadership and wellbeing. Various principals’ wellbeing projects in other dioceses are also acknowledged and the Union looks forward to supporting these initiatives in 2019.

With regard to principals’ workloads and wellbeing, the IEU will continue to promote and support the annual principals’ health and wellbeing survey conducted by Teachers Health and ACU Commenting on a recent Age newspaper article on a shortage of principals in Victorian government schools, Dr Phil Riley of ACU noted that workload pressures and concerns or experiences of violence were major factors impacting on attracting and retaining principals.

Once again, the IEU expresses its appreciation to Rob Laidler from Catholic Secondary Principals Australia for his involvement and support for the IEU Principals’ Sub Branch, especially in regard to principals’ roles, workloads and wellbeing.

During 2019, the IEU looks forward to being of assistance to principals in regard to:

the negotiation of future Catholic sector Enterprise Agreements

principals’ contracts, roles and reasonable workload expectations

governance issues/dealing with school boards and parent bodies, and

NESA and QTI accreditation issues.

Principals are always welcome to contact the IEU for advice and support in regard to any matters affecting their working lives.

Pam Smith
Principals Organiser