Education excellence recognised in NGS Super Scholarship Awards

The NGS Super Scholarship awards will see six recipients embark on a range of professional development courses focused on enriching student wellbeing, upskilling in vital areas of learning, innovating student workspaces and forging connections with overseas schools.

The awards, now in their ninth year, recognise the staff of non government schools who are actively working on their career development, while also contributing to their direct communities and the wider education sector.

Six scholarships to the value of $5000 each are awarded annually to NGS Super members to help them commence a professional development course, project or initiative of their choice.

Laura Wright, Chief Executive Officer of NGS Super, congratulated all those who applied for the awards, and gave thanks for their efforts in bettering the sector.

“We know that teachers are incredibly hardworking and we are so proud to be able to support them achieve their dreams in any capacity.”

The NSW winners are:

Yvonne Terweeme, Teacher, Bethany Primary School

Yvonne is a teacher at Bethany Catholic Primary school and wants to develop her knowledge and skills to better serve the Indigenous and wider community. Yvonne will use her award winnings to undertake a Stronger Smarter Leadership Program, where she will increase her leadership capabilities and work towards her goal of incorporating Indigenous language into the programs and culture of her school. Yvonne has initiated contact with the CEDP Indigenous unit Jarara to plan and implement ways that her community can support a remote Indigenous school in Wilcannia NSW.

Adem Aydogan, Teacher, Amity College

Adem has a keen interest in humanitarian work and STEM and has found a way to combine the two. He will use his scholarship to travel to Papua New Guinea with his students to run a series of robotics workshops at a school he has an established relationship with. While students work together with their global peers, Adem will upskill local teachers in using robotics kits and teaching strategies and plans to donate a robotics kit to the school. Adem hopes this will set a precedent for future work.

Andrew McMillan, Teacher, Frensham

As a STEM coordinator and Design Technology teacher at Frensham, Andrew is committed to getting more girls interested in STEM based subjects, to broaden their prospective career opportunities. Andrew will use his scholarship award winnings to travel to Adelaide to be a guest judge at The Subs in School Technology Challenge, a program run by Re-Engineering Australia, where he will have the opportunity to immerse himself in all aspects of the challenge and deepen his knowledge of underwater robotics.

Carla Gagliano, Teacher, Masada College

Carla is passionate about best practice pedagogy to ensure that all her students have authentic and engaging experiences. Carla will use her scholarship award winnings to undertake two online courses which will explore the power of playful learning for junior students and the benefits of a maker centred classroom. Once she has completed these courses, Carla will begin developing a dedicated maker space at Masada College, and plans to connect with other schools in her community so they can share learnings and experience the space firsthand.