Support across sectors

St Joseph’s Parish Primary School Condobolin has an enrolment of 105 students, with more than half our families off the land.

This long drought has contributed to widespread crop failures, livestock losses and continuous dust storms. Many country towns are experiencing a shortage of water and this is becoming quite a concern as there is little rain predicted in the near future.

Our school has been very lucky to receive some generous donations from other schools who have been thinking about their fellow students in the country.

St Joseph’s Alstonville held a Do it for Condo Day. All the students from St Joseph’s Alstonville dressed as farmers and raised funds for our families.

They also donated $2000, with which we purchased Stay in Town Gift cards. Each family was given a gift card to purchase items within the township of Condobolin, supporting the local businesses.

St Joseph’s Auburn also donated $1055. This money was used to buy local gift cards. We are extremely grateful to both schools for thinking of their country cousins.

Normally you don’t see roos except at dawn and dusk – now we see them any time of the day, they have come out of the hills and are in the paddocks, eating the last of the tall dead grass in huge mobs. They are even coming into town, eating any grass or plants they can find. They are desperate.

The families and students of St Joseph’s continue to remain positive and support each other. It is certainly a hard time for many people, however we are remaining optimistic and keep praying for rain.

Jude Ryan