If it feels like too much work, talk about it

As we launch ourselves into Term 4, expectations and workload issues will be forefront in our minds, staffrooms and classrooms.

As you know, Term 4 is not the wind down term, rather a frantic effort to finish up everything and simultaneously prepare for next year.

We need to be aware that we are not adding to our workload by stealth, and to question the purpose of extra tasks.

Does it benefit our role as teachers or is the ‘student guilt factor’ applied?

Workload issues are a common topic of discussion at IEU branch meetings. If you are unsure, or think expectations are unduly demanding, check in with your organiser, because they will be able to help.

I encourage you to sign up a member this term. We know that the primary sector is not represented well enough and your colleagues will sign up if asked.

So check with those around you, and prompt them to join. It’s cheaper than car insurance, tax deductible and it can save their job.

Bernadette Baker
Vice President Catholic Systemic Schools