We won’t wait

Over the past few months ACT IEU members and other ACT Union members have been working hard to lobby our local politicians to garner their support for the We Won’t Wait campaign for working women.

The priorities presented during discussions with Gai Brodtmann MP, Andrew Leigh MP and Linda Burney MP include:

access to 10 days paid family and domestic violence leave

abolition of the concept of primary and secondary carers, to be replaced by 26 weeks’ parental leave that a family can decide to use however they want

removal of restriction in the bargaining system that prevent women earning a fair wage

payment of superannuation on every dollar that women earn, including on paid parental leave

stronger powers for the Fair Work Commission to tackle gender inequality, including establishing a new expert Gender Equality Panel

the right for employees with parenting and career responsibilities to receive – not merely request – family friendly working hours

access to 10 days paid family and domestic violence leave

restoration and protection of penalty rates, and

a proper definition of casual work.

These of course form part of the national ACTU campaign Change the Rules.

The delegation presented each of the ministers with a visual diary of the campaign to date, as testament to the importance and dedication of our members and to honour the wider community of working women.

Lyn Caton