Overworked? Talk about it

Welcome back to Term 2. I trust you had a relaxing time with the beautiful weather that we experienced throughout the first week.

Term 2 is always a busy one with lots happening in schools. Exams, NAPLAN testing, report writing and teaching are just a few.

The pace of everyday activities does not slow down and we must all be concerned with the extra duties that we are asked to do.

More meetings, extra assemblies, extra playground duties, more parent teacher nights, compulsory weekend masses and celebrations – the list goes on and on.

If members of your chapter are concerned about increased workload issues, contact your organiser to hold a chapter meeting.

International visitors

Over the last week we had two international visitors visiting our office in Sydney. Dr Patrick Roach, Deputy General Secretary NASUWT, the largest teacher union in the UK and Marshall Jarvis, General Secretary, OECTA Canada.

They spoke to our officers during an officers’ meeting and then addressed a national forum in Canberra about the challenges and opportunities facing the education sector in their countries and education unions in a global context.

Activists Conference

I am looking forward to the third Activists Conference in Leura. Over the past two years this conference has proved to be valuable for members. Participants have the opportunity to learn about the history of the IEU, industrial matters and accreditation and share stories and experiences and learn how to be a more active member of the IEU.

It is an ideal time to network, ask questions and get to know fellow members from different regions and schools in NSW.

I would like to thank Marilyn Jervis who has been responsible for organising this conference for the last three years. She makes everyone feel welcome and encourages participation from all.

Thank you once again for your ongoing support and involvement in the IEU. Remember to be active in your chapter, become involved and support each other.

Chris Wilkinson