Professional development

Welcome back. As the 2024 school year gets under way, the union remains focused on the work intensification issues that have long plagued the profession.

Recording elective PD

Remember you no longer have to upload your elective PD on the eTAMS system. You are only required to provide your elective PD log to NESA (you may be randomly audited), or to your employer if it forms part of an official performance management process.

This improved process should allow teachers to pursue professional development opportunities that suit their needs.

The IEU is continuing to work with NESA to enhance professional development offerings and we look forward to further improvements throughout the year.

Working towards Proficient Teacher accreditation

If you have just commenced your teaching career, or you’re looking to finalise your accreditation this year, join the Professional Engagement team on a Zoom session to answer all your questions about how to go about this process (see dates below).

Behaviour Management PD

If you’re starting teaching or looking for a refresher, join the IEU and renowned presenter Dave Vinegrad for four Behaviour Management courses that step you through the process of developing both a personal and school-wide response to the diverse behaviour situations you will encounter throughout the year.

We also encourage school leaders to participate in these courses to ensure the practices and processes in your school are appropriate.

Our courses

To find out more and register, see our website.

My accreditation, my career
Part 1

Monday 12 February, 4pm – 5pm, online; or
Thursday 22 February, 4pm – 5pm, online

Part 2
Wednesday 1 May, 4pm – 5pm, online; or
Monday 6 May, 4pm – 5pm, online

Managing and responding to extreme behaviours in K-6 schools
Monday 19 February, 6pm – 8pm, online

Thriving and surviving for casuals
Monday 26 February, 6pm – 8pm, online

Behaviour management: Getting it right
Monday 11 March, 6pm – 8pm, online

Behaviour management: Keeping it right
Monday 25 March, 6pm – 8pm, online

Behaviour management: Making it right
Monday 6 May, 6pm – 8pm, online

Behaviour management: Upholding the right
Monday 20 May, 6pm – 8pm, online

Managing difficult conversations in K to 6 schools: How to discuss what matters
Monday 3 June, 6pm – 8pm, online

Pat Devery
Professional Engagement Coordinator
Christina Ellul
Professional Engagement Officer