Starting her journey

Teacher Sokha Pawson is beginning a journey of union activism. She works at Sydney Day Nursery (SDN) Woolloomooloo. Her six month old son Alex attends the centre with her.

Sokha went to the NSW/ACT IEU Activist Conference in April to find out more about the union movement and what she can do to grow the IEU.

“I realised that so many things I take for granted, like the eight hour day, sick leave, parental leave and other leave, were won for us by our union,” Sokha said.

“I want to promote the work of the union myself and make sure we can keep these rights.”

Sokha has also done the IEU’s free online training for early childhood teachers, provided by TLN.

“This training was easy and convenient, I could just do it at home,” she said.

The IEU has an exclusive offer of free online professional development (PD) with TLN for NSW/ACT early childhood members, including casuals.