Stand behind your union in this campaign

“There is no good society without a good union”: Pope Francis 2017

I acknowledge that the last two years have been particularly difficult. We have made an extraordinary effort to keep schools functioning, supporting students and looking after ourselves – with varying degrees of success.

The employers’ response to the IEU's claims on behalf of members in systemic schools is a 2.04% payment – we need to view this as an interim payment. A mere 2.04% does not cover the cost of CPI or come close to making any real progress on teachers’ salaries. The upcoming campaign is gathering momentum, and we will be successful because of you, the members. The industrial system can be quite complex, so chapters need to pay attention to the details regarding taking industrial action.

Each chapter will be asked to hold meetings, vote, and return paperwork. Each piece of this jigsaw is important, so thank you for your diligence.

Encourage everyone on your staff to be a member, to join the collective and increase the solidarity of your union.

There is purpose in this campaign, you deserve better pay that acknowledges yourhard work.