Unions stand strong in turbulent times

This last edition of Bedrock for 2020 is a testament to the ongoing professionalism and resilience of our early childhood education teachers and assistants.

The critical support members in the sector have provided their communities throughout this year, despite the significant challenges, has redefined what it means to be a frontline and essential worker.

What has not changed and what members can be assured of, is that our union will be there for you every step of the way.

Early childhood education commentator and journalist Lisa Bryant (Representation really matters) and IEU Organiser Lisa James (Global pandemic) examine how COVID-19 has impacted early childhood education in Australia (and around the world) and how unions are providing essential representation for members during the crisis.

The New National Agreement on Closing the Gap was signed in July 2020 which has a significant impact for the early childhood education sector (Upfront). As a collective, we are responsible for making space for and listening to our First Nations’ voices. I highly recommend members read IEU member and Wakka Wakka woman Deb Mann’s piece on the responsibilities we have as we work towards closing the gap (Opening up about closing the gap).

As always, our Bedrock journalists have investigated interesting professional issues and current research notably, “Stuck in the middle”, our cover story “What’s so funny?” and “How to treat troubled children”.

I commend this edition of Bedrock to you and reassure you that our union is always here with you.

Mark NorthamTerry Burke
IEUA NSW/ACT SecretaryIEUA-QNT Secretary