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Bring Forth the Light

Author: Emmanuel

Published by: Balboa Press

Three copies to give away

Emmanuel is a trained spiritual medium and regression therapist who has been bringing forth messages from the spiritual world for 20 years. He shares stories of inspiration and joy and asks others to do the same in his book. Emmanuel’s life has not been simple, and he candidly shares how he has been subject to bullying and poor treatment at various points in his life. However, instead of succumbing to negative thoughts or lashing back, he has chosen to share love with those around him.

Harriet Clare Pinkie Swear

Author: Louise Park

Illustrator: Marlene Monterrubio

Published by: Hinkler Books

Three copies to give away

A visual feast of fun by acclaimed author Louise Park, the Harriet Clare books draw in even the most reluctant reader with charming drawings, illustrated text, and sketching activities throughout the book. Harriet also encourages problem solving, self awareness, and empathy in the reader by sharing her feelings and asking “What would you do?”. As Harriet’s new bestie, you’ll be called upon to offer advice, draw a picture of your BFF, and send each other messages in this secret second title in the series, Pinkie Swear.

Alfred’s War

Author: Rachel Bin Salleh

Illustrator: Samantha Fry

Publisher: Magabala Books

Three copies to give away

Alfred’s War is a powerful story that unmasks the lack of recognition given to Australian Indigenous servicemen who returned from the WWI battlelines. Alfred was just a young man when he was injured and shipped home from France. Neither honoured as a returned soldier or offered government support afforded to non Indigenous servicemen, Alfred took up a solitary life walking the back roads – billy tied to his swag, finding work where he could. Rachel Bin Salleh’s poignant narrative opens our hearts to the sacrifice and contribution that Indigenous people have made to Australia’s war efforts, the true extent of which is only now being revealed.