Exchange postcard

This could be you

Peter Haynes, from Radford College in Canberra, has exchanged with Jamie Siler to Red Deer Alberta. While being in Canada for six weeks, he has yet to begin his teaching year. But he has certainly made the most of summer with some exciting adventures to the north.

“We heard about the Yukon, its wild rivers, wild animals and extremes and decided that sounded like us. Arriving in Red Deer we bought a car, arranged insurance, packed the camping gear and drove north.

“Three days later we were paddling the Yukon River as part of a 10 day expedition. For the past six weeks we have been traversing incredible country, into Alaska and British Columbia and out again. We walked the gold seekers Chilcott Trail from Alaska to BC, hiked some forbidding mountains in the Kluane National Park and swum in glacial alpine lakes. And all this before I even see the school I will be teaching in for the next 12 months! If my year continues to be as exciting as it has to date, it will be the most amazing experience.

“When I return to Red Deer, I am certainly looking forward to the routine and challenges that come with learning how a new school operates. My biggest concern is letting on that I don’t find ice hockey all that interesting – perhaps keep that to myself.

“Hopefully when the first snow falls in just a few weeks, I will be looking forward to using my season pass at a Calgary ski field and the challenges of living in a very cold environment.

Stay tuned for more adventures.”