Two week exchanges a possibility

Ever thought of going on teacher exchange but unable to spend a year overseas?

Short exchanges to Canada are now a possibility through the IEU’s teacher exchange program.

Alberta teacher Sue Mills and Chevalier College Bowral teacher Ali Montgomery recently completed the inaugural two week exchange.

Montgomery spent 2017 on a year exchange in Canada and while she was there was approached by the local exchange coordinator to see if she could host a two week exchange in 2018.

Two weeks exchanges are more common in Canada, where visits to schools in Australia, the UK, Germany and Spain are organised.

Mills had already enjoyed two weeks in Germany and wanted to repeat the experience in Australia. Her partner’s job does not allow her to go on a year long exchange.

“It’s like a taster of teaching in another country,” she said.

“It’s a great opportunity to get a picture of the global scene. Australia is ideal because when Canadians are on summer vacation, you’re in school and vice versa.”

The exchange was for PDHPE and Mills enjoyed being outside with the students and finding out about similarities and difference in practise.

“The students had some fun with me. Australia is very forward thinking in the way things are done and I appreciate the opportunity to see gain new ideas.”

Montgomery said she was pleased to be able to “show off’ her school and country to a Canadian visitor, as she was not on the scene for her one year exchange partner.

“We’ve been able to discuss a whole heap of things around pedagogy and classroom practise as well as about culture and the country. The other staff have really enjoyed this two week visit as well.”

There is now an opportunity for somebody to visit Mills’ school, Glamorgan School in Calgary Alberta for two weeks in December or January. The teacher can be from any faculty not just PDHPE.

For details contact IEU Exchange coordinator Helen Gregory. Email