IEU accreditation support for teachers in independent schools

The Union is in our 12th year of providing support for teachers undergoing the ‘Experienced Teacher’ accreditation process with the Independent Schools Teacher Accreditation Authority (ISTAA). We have worked with several hundred teachers and all have been successful in achieving accreditation and a higher salary scale.

This year has been a bumper year with the IEU giving direct assistance to 70 teachers undertaking the Experienced Teacher process. Members receive direct feedback on their documentation through Union comment and clarification. Members who have participated in this Union service have had a consistently high success rate in achieving the accreditation. The 2017 process closed on 7 September.

While the process is a demanding one, it delivers significant salary benefits. Teachers who are eligible to undergo the process and fail to apply remain at the lower salary step. This situation greatly impacts on income over time. The Union strongly encourages members to apply at the first available opportunity.

Experienced Teacher accreditation has traditionally applied to teachers covered by the NSW/ACT Independent Schools Standards Model (Teachers) Multi-Enterprise Agreement. Late in 2016 agreement was reached for teachers in 80 plus ‘Hybrid Model’ schools to be eligible to undergo the process. 2017 was a transition year, and the Experienced Teacher accreditation process applies for the first time in 2018.

The Union is eager to ensure that the system is up and working with appropriate support in the Hybrid Model schools. IEU Reps and members should contact your IEU organiser if there are any issues with this process. For those making applications we advise you to commence the process early. For further information and support contact

Gloria Taylor
Deputy Secretary