Jump step for incremental pay scale in new enterprise agreement

Catholic dioceses have agreed to the IEU’s claim for a shortening of the incremental pay scale, so that teachers near the top jump a pay step.

The jump step will benefit teachers who are transitioning from the incremental pay scale to the standards structure and are not yet at Band 2 Level 3 (equivalent to Step 11 on the old NSW incremental pay scale).

Back dated to the first pay period after 1 July 2017, a teacher will progress immediately to Band 2 Level 3, without being required to spend a year on Step 10 (or Step 7 in the ACT).

Any part year already spent on Step 10 after July 2017 will be deemed to be service on Band 2 Level 3 for the purpose of future progression.

This provision is not back dated before July 2017 and so unfortunately will not help teachers who progressed to Band 2 Level 3 (equivalent to Step 11 in NSW) before July 2017.

The Union expects that changes to pay steps will take effect after this enterprise agreement commences.

Carol Matthews
Assistant Secretary