In this first edition of IE for 2017 we address current challenges facing teachers and support staff across Australia and throughout the world.

Today teachers are online as much as they are offline, whether it’s for research, video streaming, providing content for the virtual classroom or communicating with colleagues or students. How much do we need to be part of that connected world and how technically proficient do we need to be to reach the online generation? Andree Wright from the Office of Children’s eSafety Commission explores the topic.

Sydney teacher Mark O’Sullivan is an enthusiastic tweeter. He writes to tweet or not to tweet is no longer the question. Mark argues twitter offers a global network that is easy to control and successful in facilitating discussion with like minded professionals worldwide.

Developing scientific literacy about climate change in world leaders and students is a challenge - Donald Trump declares “I’m not a believer in man-made global warming”. But are there still sides to the argument and what information do teachers believe they should provide their students and the community? A Queensland study of more than 300 primary and secondary teachers gives insight into what teachers think and do.

ABC’s Gruen panelist, media commentator and advertising executive Dee Madigan tells Kaleidoscope about her school years and brief foray in teaching. Dee talks about what now inspires her and why she promotes women in advertising.

Andrea Stringer explores the experience of being mentored as an early career teacher and confirms that mentoring and coaching are invaluable.

Principals are well educated, live in stable families and are relatively well paid, yet their self rated health is 10% worse than the general population. Read about the alarming results of the latest Australia wide survey.

For a glimpse at the future of learning, and Australian schools in 2040, read Steve Whittington’s view. Steve believes “a quantum shift is required if our students are to perform new types of work in new ways for a truly global market”.

So there you have it…enjoy!

John Quessy