Women and leadership development

John Quessy

A seismic shift in female union density is occurring across Australia. Currently, 48.5% of union members in Australia are women. It will not be long before the majority of unionists in Australia are women.

Significantly for the IEU, this is already the case, as women make up nearly 78% of our union’s membership.

Developing the next generation of women leadership

It is time for all unions to give consideration to policies and programs which develop and promote the greater inclusion of women in all forms of leadership.

In 2017, the IEU will launch the Women and Leadership Development Program; a three year leadership development program which will aim to provide the necessary skills and knowledge to equip women for leadership positions.

This program will be launched at the 2017 IEU Women and Leadership Conference in Canberra on 10-11 March 2017

It is important to emphasise that the three year Women and Leadership Development Program will have a significant future oriented focus in terms of developing women leadership skills and as such will involve a series of professional development opportunities, webinars, professional conversations and mentoring opportunities over a three year period.

The 2017 IEU Women and Leadership Conference will provide an opportunity to, not only hear from significant political, social and union female leaders, but also assist in identifying the essential elements to be contained within the subsequent leadership development program.

Expression of interest

If you are interested in participating in the 2017 IEU Women and Leadership Conference and taking part in the subsequent leadership development program, contact helen@ieu.asn.au for more details. Expressions of interest close on 18 November.